Training for Trainers - Ghana

The 2019 program has concluded. Stay tuned for 2020 information.


Training for Trainers - Ghana

The 2019 program has concluded. Stay tuned for 2020 information.

Venue: SunCity Garden Hotel, Bakpa - Adidome. Volta Region. Ghana

Room and board will be provided at the training location but transportation to the site may be your responsibility. We encourage participants to seek transportation funding help from peace groups in their country. Those completing the training are making a commitment to become part of the international Satyagraha Institute network and committing to providing trainings for others in their own country. This is an offer one can make to country groups helping with transportation; to provide training on your return.




Fernando H. Ferrara
Fernando founded Mesa de Paz, a network of 16 NGO’s in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, working to create a more peaceful culture through nonviolent social change. This organization now has a youth activist network working on a variety of projects, such as: Nacidos para Triunfar (working with 22 gangs to bring them into nonviolence and social commitments); Cruzada Cabal (150 volunteers educating youth to bring them out of alcohol and drug dependence); Arte Urbano (supporting urban art, performing art, music and painting in high risk communities); and Despierta (a peace newsletter for youth). Fernando has worked as General Manager of Industrias Ferrara, Manager of Fabrica de Papel Monterrey and Empaques de Carton Hercules, Manager of Artes Graficas Integradas, CEO of Grupo CHRISTUS Muguerza, and CEO of Hexagonos Mexicanos. Fernando traveled to India to study the philosophy of Gandhi at the Institute of Gandhian Studies for a year in the city of Wardha (Servagram) Mahajarashtra. That same year (1994) he was named a lifetime member of the Gandhi Peace Foundation in Cochin, Kerala, India.


Cathy Nankya
Cathy is a project officer on a project that aims to create coexistence between the refugees and host community. The refugees that are currently hosted in Uganda come from a different cultural background in terms of norms, beliefs and way of life as compared to the host community. Therefore, such differences have contributed to disagreements among the refugees and hosts - for example, where the Dinkas marry off the girls at a young age while the Madi tribe from the host community marry off  their girls at older age. It's on that basis that Cathy has been involved in helping some of the refugees and host communities in learning to coexist through discussions and trainings on AVP and cross-cultural communication. Through cross-cultural communication trainings, the refugees and host communities have been able to share the good and bad culture practices in terms of parenting, communication, conflict resolution and economic activities from those sharing these groups have been able to understand each others culture and accommodate each other in some areas without conflict. Secondly, through discussions, the perceptions the hosts have about refugees have changed and vise versa, peace committee that comprise both refugees and hosts have been formed in some refugee settlements like Bidibidi, Nakivale and Adjumani with a mission of creating awareness on peaceful coexistence in these areas.


M.P. Mathai
Mathai is a Professor at Gujarat Vidyapith, the university founded by Gandhi in Ahmedabad, India. He is former Dean of Gandhi Research Foundation and former Professor and Director at the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies, M.G. University, Kerala, India. He is author of Gandhi’s Worldview and an editor of Gandhi Marg. Mathai is a well-known speaker in the East and the West, and he recently spoke at the signing of a peace pledge between some 400 members of rival gangs in Monterrey, Mexico.


Esther Ahmed Paya
Esther Ahmed Paya is a seasoned Administrator and Development worker. She has acquired over fifteen years working experience in Government, NGOs and Media/Communication fields. Over the years she has garnered invaluable experience in the areas of negotiations, community development, skill acquisition and capacity building. Some of these experiences include being a facilitator/trainer of Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP), Turning The Tide of Violence (TTT) at basic, advance and Training of Trainers, and a facilitatator/Trainer of advanced foundational Peace building and Transformation at Peace Training Center, Jos.



Senyo Kudzo Adeti
Senyo is a past student of Govco Demonstration School, Peki Volta Region, Mawuli Senior High School, Ho Volta Region, currently Member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association. (ISACA) Accra Chapter. 

Currently, he is a social worker at Emefa-Help Ghana, a non-profit organization based in Accra, Ghana. 

He holds a Diploma in Gandhian Nonviolence theory and Application offered by Peace Research Center, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad. India. 

Senyo believes strongly that the message of Mahatma Gandhi on nonviolence to the world must be explored due to the high level of violence across the globe and especially in his country, Ghana. The power of nonviolence (Soul force) was tried and tested by Nelson Mandela, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.