Senyo Kudzo Adeti
Senyo Kudzo Adeti is a social/charity worker with past experience from Emefa Help Ghana and Trokosi Abolish Fellowship International Ghana. Currently holds a (Diploma in Gandhian Nonviolence theory and Application) from the Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad. India. An institution established by Mahatma Gandhi Himself. I believe firmly that Gandhi’s message of Truth, Love and Nonviolence (Ahimsa) is still relevant today. Or even more relevant than ever before, considering the high level of Poverty/Inequality we are facing especially in Africa, and the increase of different forms of violence in both personal and public life. The ethic of nonviolence, as practiced and cultivated by Mahatma Gandhi, live on, regardless of national or political boundaries. By this firm believe and a seeker of truth I find it more ideal to propagate the ideas of the “MAHATMA’’ to Africa and the World.


David Hansen
Reverend David Hansen is an author, activist, and ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. He and Sally have been married for 50 years. Their children are Christian, Muslim, and Atheist, white and black, and have multiple citizenships.


Kate Irick
Kate Irick, originally from Arlington, Virginia, has a degree in Spanish and Peace Studies from Haverford College. From 2013-2017 she was working in Mexico City on issues of migration, economic justice, territorial conflicts, and disappearance. Currently she is based out of San Francisco and works at an organization that provides access to micro-credit to those around the world that would otherwise not have access to it.


T. Marie King
T. Marie King is an activist for the new millennium mixing art, empowerment and social justice. King travels leading seminars and speaking on understanding bias, healing and reconciliation, and community engagement. King has spoken to over 100 groups and organizations touching youth, college students and adults. King holds a B.A. in Urban and Global Economic Development from Beulah Heights University and Masters in Leadership and a Masters of Divinity from Luther Rice University.


Abhay Mistry
Abhay has been affiliated with the Satyagraha Institute since 2015 and has a background in business and user experience design. He is particularly interested in how design can serve as a conduit for social change and ethical business practices. His role with the Institute involves IT strategy and design.


Andrea Palomo Robles
Political Science student, former student in Gujarat Vidyapith: Diploma Course on Gandhian Nonviolence. Leader, speaker and social entrepreneur: working for peace and leadership, involved in different NGOs, such as Scouts, Messengers of Peace, Gen M & Kybernus. 


Erika Tritle
Erika Tritle received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in the History of Christianity and researches Christian understandings of Jews and of race. Since 2010 she has taught courses at South Dakota State University ranging from World Civilization I to Introduction to Religion. She also studies modern dance and finds that all these things coalesce in the pursuit of nonviolence as a way of life.